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core values

We support the development of a new generation of leaders who, by virtue of their education and service, will lead the charge to transform themselves, their communities, and the larger world around them.  This goal adheres to the Academy's principles of respect, honor compassion, and service to others.  These four core values permeates the Academy and is central to the way in which students think, speak, act and interact with others.


We bring these biblical principles to life with a focus on four core values:


RESPECT for the inherent dignity of every individual is a fundamental tenet of he Academy's teachings.

HONOR is the foundation upon which students' thoughts, actions and interactions are based.

COMPASSION for the less privaleged, the vunerable and others in need is made active through service projects and other activites that students undertake to offer assistance and support whenever possible.

SERVICE to others is expected and is actively nutured at the Academy through students engagement in service projects that aim to improve the lives and circumstances of individuals and communities.




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© 2013 The Children's Garden Learning Academy.  All rights reserved.

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